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Called “Paha Sapa” the Black Hills are home to many tribes, consisting primarily of the Lakota and Dakota nations.

However, nearly two dozen other Native American Tribes claim the Black Hills as ancestral and sacred.

Indoor museum features prehistoric Badlands mammal & sea fossils, extensive florescent mineral display, agates, rock, mineral & crystal specimens. From the comfort of your own vehicle, observe black bears, mountain lions, wolves, elk, & other North American wildlife in their natural environment. Premier tour company offering up-close experiences of the Black Hills & Western SD in smaller vehicles for a personal touch. Black Hills Contraband LLC, is a unique and one of a kind Distillery.

Our favorite is Cascade Falls (eight miles south of Hot Springs), a legendary little pond with murmuring falls, lush foliage and turquoise-colored pools fed by warm underground springs.

MOSTLY, THIS MAGAZINE is for our parents and grandparents, those stuffy adults we love so dearly. You’ll see abandoned mines, deer and wild turkeys scattered about Tin Mill Hill and into Oblivion.

But this particular feature is done with us and our friends in mind. The 10-mile-an-hour ride gives you time to solve a major dilemma: whether to buy fudge or ice cream when you arrive in Keystone. And remember you’re riding a historic line, laid during the 1890s mining boom. The cowboy nods, the gate opens and he hangs on for dear life.

South Dakota must be one of the best kid-friendly places on Earth. He’s hoping to stay on for just a few seconds, but everyone in the arena knows he could be tossed face first into the soft sand floor of the rodeo arena at any time. Kids just sit on a sheep and hang on until they tumble off.

Our mountains are climbable, our lakes clean and swimmable. All the cowboy wants is a good ride, and possibly a shiny buckle at the end of the night to reward his courage. Mutton bustin’ is a popular event at several rodeos every summer.