Are mario and peach dating

Mario took photos of the happy couple standing on the beach with their precious daughters in their arms.And the former Saved By The Bell star couldn't help but give one of Joe's daughters a kiss on the cheek as he lifted her up into the air as well.

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Wading out into the waves, Mario and Joe couldn't stop smiling as they bonded with a handshake. Joe shared a shirtless snap of himself and his 'boy' Mario in honor of Father's Day.

Mario has been documenting his family vacation to paradise on social media. 'HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY BOY @mariolopezextra AND ALL OF THE GREAT FATHERS,' he captioned the snap.

In anticipation of the launch of her new cookbook, , we invited the model turned successful editor, writer, and now author to join Batali in his kitchen for a lesson in true Italian pasta cooking—more specifically, Mario’s recipe for linguine in red clam sauce. EW: I consumed the whole thing because at the time we were doing a pop-up restaurant, and I was trying to seduce Mario into doing it, which I achieved by eating his entire pizza! [Laughs.] That was actually a very cool event—it was in a building I had never even seen! MB: It was a fantastic event—we had a really good time! I take a cucumber while I’m cooking the green beans, and I slice that up and put it all together: the fish on one side, the hot beans on the other, and the cucumber salad over here. You just have to buy something you can cook in a sauté pan—like boneless chicken thighs—that’s good value! And you just buy whatever’s in season—whatever is inexpensive is generally in season. EW: I have a soft spot in my heart right now for mayonnaise-marinated artichoke toast.

This wasn’t the first encounter between the iconically Croc-clad chef and the self-proclaimed impatient foodie. tomato paste from Sicily—they make it into a big tomato paste by crushing it all and cooking it slowly; then they smear it on these tile terra-cotta panels, they put it on the roof, and it dries down almost firm—like you could pick it up in chunks. [Laughs.] Now, if it was a 23-year-old kid, I would have gone out there and told him where to go, but he’s a 65-year-old Italian guy with a pinky ring. We ended with a little glass of vermentino from Toscana. MD: Speaking of Italian street cred, what would you say is your secret to making next-level pasta? EW: I just want to point out for the interview that I wore white pants today, and I did not get a single drop of sauce on them—which is a miracle. My mom taught me that when you take the pasta out to test it and you bite into it, it should have of course the al dente taste, but if you’re doubting yourself on that, just look inside, and there should be a pinprick of white on the inside. I just read the pasta package, and then I take it out exactly one minute short of what they tell you to cook it on the package, and I cook it for 40 seconds in the sauce. I drizzle a little balsamic vinegar, and in 15 minutes, I’m completely satisfied.