Distributed cache updating for dynamic source routing

This paper proposes a solution to the traffic signal The One-persistent Multichannel CSMA Protocol with Monitoring Functions Based on Conflict Resolution Algorithm in WSNfree download Abstract In the Wireless Sensor Network, a new MAC protocol: one-persistent CSMA protocol with monitoring functions and multichannel mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network based on conflict resolution algorithm is proposed.

Protocol from the system An Intelligent Smart Irrigation System Using WSN and GPRS Modulefree download Abstract Agriculture plays the vital role in economics and survival of people in India.

Everything is getting controlled using the mechanical or the automated systems. The system is deployed to monitor any deviations in AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM FOR AGRICULTURE FIELD USING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (WSN)free download Abstract-In India, agriculture plays an important role for development in food production.

In our country, agriculture are depends on the monsoons which is not sufficient source of water. In Irrigation system, depending upon the Research of the Positioning of an Improved WSN Particle Swarm Optimization in Node Rangingfree download Abstract To order to know how to better solve the problem of node positioning in WSN, this paper mainly improves the particle swarm optimization of wireless sensor network node positioning in RSSI ranging.

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For some apps, a distributed cache can support higher scale out than an in-memory cache. value will remain in the cache while there are requests within the timeout period (and no eviction due to memory pressure).Scalability, as a property of systems, is generally difficult to define and in any particular case it is necessary to define the specific requirements for scalability on those dimensions that are deemed important.It is a highly significant issue in electronics systems, databases, routers, and networking.Disk indexes support online full-text index rebuilds, but online updates can only be done on non-text (attribute) data.RT indexes additionally allow for online full-text index updates. Data can be loaded into disk indexes using a so-called data source.