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Karolina Krukowska Almost two years of a brutal and bloody civil war in Syria has resulted in the displacement of more than two and a half million Syrians. This is freedom, freedom, freedom.’ One monster hit me on the face and kicked my body.

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Women in various states of undress will be eating, smoking, praying, sipping tea, or corralling screaming and running children. She will ask you what package you want to purchase—the full bathing package usually includes a bath, a scrub, a massage, and tea for about .

I glared at my suitcase, not knowing what to fish out of it. Many hammams set aside one day per week exclusively for women; some dedicate a few hours on multiple days. You’ll bathe in your underwear, so bring an extra post-bath pair.

Syrian baths are single-sex, but most facilities serve men and women at different times of the day.

An eyewitness who documented the incident told Channel 2 News Online: "She walked in dressed but at a certain point stripped naked and became the focus of attention as if she was looking to provoke," said the witness.

One hundred and twenty security personnel were dead in the Syrian town of Jisr al-Shaghour.