Online dating women too picky

But the men set about the same bar for their partners no matter what they looked like themselves or how successful they were professionally.” Ordinary looking men whose picture is in the median in attractiveness would have to make 3,000 more than a guy in the 90th percentile in order to have the same success.

Almost two thirds of messages sent by men were sent within five minutes of the match taking place, while only 18 per cent of those sent by women were this fast.'By focusing on first impressions, Tinder constitutes a cut-down version of online dating, without any of the features that make it possible to understand the deeper characteristics of potential mates,' the authors said.

Finally, fewer than 1 percent of online daters rated themselves as having “less than average looks”. My experience with online dating, perusing ads and meeting or talking with many men supports this.

Most (Even quite average or less so) men think quite well of themselves and hit on the most attractive women in droves.

If you're paying attention, you'll notice their character, confidence and personality.

When your list of deal breakers is larger than your list of friends, there's a problem.