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If you're turned off from a woman because she has kids, consider that a blessing for you an her.

You're (probably) not ready for children at 20 (really, who is?

” , “If you can read only one book, this is the book!

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That being said, you might feel this way because you are 20, but I'm willing to bet that there have been plenty of males who felt the way you do now at your age, and when they got older, perhaps had a kid of their own, they wouldn't be turned off as much as it isn't "their kid", since they'd be bringing their own kid to the table.

All in all, I'm saying you probably feel this way now because you're smart and know you don't want a responsibility dropped on you that you don't want.

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These 5 rules I’m about to show you will remind you of what is important, when things are hard. Is being completely turned off by a woman with any amount of children a dick/shallow move?It's not that I don't want kids or that i dislike/don't get along with them, I just would rather not get involved that way without the child being my own.When you’re ‘in it’ (when you’re hooked in a relationship problem), it’s easy to get all muddled in your emotions and just lash out or do something to jeopardize the relationship that you will regret later.So, if ever you come across a problem or conflict in your intimate relationship or in your dating life, always refer back to these rules.