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If you have a trip coming up, discuss a sedative with your vet.

The vet will consider your cat's age, medical history and current health to determine if a sedative is appropriate.

I considered lining the bag with a pair of black pants; her favorite surface on which to sleep. She didn’t seem to like being in the bag much (who would? On the day of the flight, my fiance cut up one of his t-shirts, making it into a blanket so she’d have something familiar to smell inside.

In fear that she’d have to “go,” I hid her water dish (and closed the toilet) at AM for a AM into-the-bagging.

If you are reluctant to use a prescription tranquilizer on your cat, or your vet considers her to be a risky candidate for a pharmaceutical sedative, consider using cat nip or a pheromone spray.

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I could still carry on my luggage (which I thought might be better than waiting for a checked bag). Also, there are no safe over-the-counters; you shouldn’t try sedating your pet without visiting and getting a prescription from your vet …

I have a 15 year old female Persian with a heart murmur. I have tried with little success to comb and detangle the matting without causing pain and stress.

I would like to have her coat shaved, but she would need to be sedated (will 1/2 a valium work? I don't want to risk her health, but the matting is very severe and painful.....

is a commonly prescribed by veterinarians specifically for the traveling pet; it has strong anti-nausea properties, helpful for a restless or motion sickness prone cat.

If you're using acepromazine for your cat's trip, it's wise to start with the lowest dose possible a few days before your trip to see how your cat responds to the drug and determine the appropriate dose.