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Norrie identifies as neuter - that is, without sex or gender - and prefers gender-neutral pronouns 'zie' (instead of he/she) and 'hir' (instead of him/her).Two medical doctors stated they could not determine Norrie to be male or female.She landed a series of TV jobs, from game show hostess to reporter, before her appointment as New York's chief consumer watchdog in 1969.She was the second daughter of Russian immigrants, raised in a one-bedroom Bronx apartment.The company points out that since social networks all offer users the ability to stream their lives, why not them?

Small, white, and cute, they jump and wiggle around at the feet of their owner.Bess Myerson was the first Jewish Miss America – and still the only one – as well as a political force in New York until a series of scandals forced her into obscurity.She was hailed as a groundbreaker for her religion and her sex after parlaying her unprecedented 1945 Miss America victory into national celebrity.For several days our country was held up as progressive and forward-thinking for giving a marginalised citizen a 'fair go'.It's not the first time Australia has shown itself to be enlightened.