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We relived the first steps on the moon and the speech that divided India and Pakistan.And we asked Anderson Cooper, Cory Booker, Dominique Dawes, Tom Brokaw and David H.We're happy to include information about Long Island events which are open to the public and would interest people living and playing on LI, NY.Complete our online submission form and our editors will add it to the Life On Long calendar.The incident was reported around 5pm on Thursday, when it was observed that Williams pulled his car over at all illegal dumping site near his apartment in northwest Houston.'He [a witness] saw a vehicle pull up at one of our illegal dumping sites and saw a man get out of a car and take a young child out of the car and proceed to just beat him senselessly,' he continued.Police then used the license plate in the video to track down the vehicle.

' every time, and that was the end of the matter - or, rather, it was the beginning of another...Discover what's going on with our handy Category listings. Click on the link and add the event to your Long Island Planner.Note to our visitors: Some of the information contained may have been acquired from public sources.Terry Fincher/Getty Images;, via Reuters; Jacques Langevin, via Associated Press; Press Association, via Associated Press; Erich Auerbach, via Getty Images; Damon Winter, via The New York Times; John Lent, via Associated Press;, via Associated Press Thanks for joining us this summer as we revisited some of the 200,000 memorable lives featured in The New York Times’s archive.We wandered back into a fatal Alaskan odyssey and over the rainbow.

Sixty new york dating coach