Updating java on blackberry

Prior to upgrading to Java, Research In Motion Customer Support should be contacted to verify that the version of Java being installed is currently supported.Incorrectly modifying the registry keys and not replacing the Java JCE files could cause Black Berry Enterprise Server services to not start.UPDATE: Blackberry has made such a hash of this, that we have resorted to releasing a native application for Black Berries again...- bottom line: just use the Blackberry app in stead of the ordinary . You can download this or send it to your phone using the GS-911downloader.Be sure to develop your applications using the Black Berry JDE version that matches the lowest version of Black Berry Device Software you want to support.Newer versions of the JDE provide additional APIs and features.

It is important to note that the registry keys are modified correctly and the Java JCE files are replaced after the upgrade/installation of a newer version of Java.

Read this excellent article if you're wondering why we are no longer supporting this browser version.

Go to Browse Happy for browser suggestions and how to update.

=== === === Most new Black Berries (running Black Berry smartphone software 4.2.1 or newer) can run Java midlet applications (and are JSR-82 compliant).

Read the related FAQ on using the GS-911Verifier, to test whether your device is JSR-82 compliant: How will I know whether it will work on my mobile phone?